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The Manleys

Our Story

Hello and Welcome to our page!  We hope that you find something here that will help you and your spouse rekindle the love in your marriage.

We have been married for over 30 years.  After dating for two years and doing it celibate, that's right, we joined in marriage on June 30, 1992.  We had a beautiful church wedding.  Our family and friends witnessed the exchanging of our vows and the start of our new life together.  Standing there we both had such high hopes for happiness and marital bliss.  We envisioned this beautiful life in which we would accomplish all of our dreams, the family we would eventually raise and growing old together. 


Several years into the marriage we began to experience challenges that we both found difficult to deal with because neither of us had seen a healthy marriage in our home growing up.  We had communication problems, we talked at one another not to one another.  Silence became our method of communicating.


We had money isues that resulted in insults and harsh words and we began living single but married. We loved each other but really didn’t like each other. This opened the door. We began to do things separately and only did things together when we attended church. We went to church covering up with smiles and looks of love all the while we were not happy at all. We had learned to live in a marriage, but we had not made the commitment to BE married to one another. There is a difference. Now approaching 10 years into the marriage we were in trouble. We had put off having children due to the present issues and we wanted to be in a better financial position. But during this time God’s plan for children began to manifest, we conceived, and parenthood was upon us and then all HELL-O broke loose. Infidelity was present and the sad reality that what we both knew was falling apart was really falling apart. This was a bombshell on our marriage. We both questioned what do we do now? We both had to take responsibility for our part in the breakdown of the marriage. With a new child on the way we both decided we wanted our family how this was going to work out we didn’t know. Thank God for our then leader the late Bishop Otis Lockett, Sr. who fathered us right into a place of repentance and directed us into renewal in our marriage. We started to look in the mirror individually and made the personal decision to allow God to heal places in us individually. We worked on ourselves individually that ultimately worked on our marriage. We had to forgive ourselves and forgive one another. We prayed and we worked. With the help of the Lord, and the guidance of Holy Spirit we began to rediscover some beautiful things about one another, regain/renew our commitment to live out the vows we made, and our marriage has been rekindled with love and passion. Today we love being married to one another and are enjoying this place of marital bliss!

Rediscover the love.

"Love is Living out the Vows Everyday."


Living the "I Do"

Our Purpose


Marriage was and is God's idea!  Each marriage has a God given assignment and helping you discover it is our job.  We are passionate about helping couples find and reconnect to the love that drew you together.  When you stood at the altar and said "I Do," it was not just mere words, it was a promise to be a man and a woman of your word. 


Far too often we make promises and break them; this does not have to be the case.  Marriage is work, and requires you to show up everyday.  However, your decision to show up will determine what you get out of the marriage.

Regain the passion.

"Love is giving of one's self without expecting anything in return."

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After years of working with couples sharing tips and tools that led to our rediscovering one another, during the pandemic we received a spoken Word to start sharing our story.  From that Word was birthed Living the "I DO" Podcast with the Manleys held every Thursday night at 8pm on Facebook Live and now our newest baby Living the "I Do" Couples Coaching.

The "I DO" is a promise and an act of your will.

Vows are not just for the present feeling of love, but for the future permanent love.



Are you having difficulty communicating? 

Has the passion left the marriage?

Do you lack understanding your spouse?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Living the "I DO" Coaching is for you!

Coaching designed to support healthy marital relationships, re-establish effective communication skills, and support towards recovery after extreme marital distress, including infidelity.

All coaching sessions are with individual couples.

Click the link below to schedule a free consultation with Roy and Kim Manley.  This consultation is the first step to enter into Coaching.  During the consultation we will discuss a plan of moving forward if desired as well as pricing.

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