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Meet the Stones

Dr. Christopher A. Stone is the Senior Pastor and Founder of Unity Worship Center Church of God In Christ of Burlington, N.C. along with his wife, First Lady First Lady Nadine V. Stone as Co-Founder.  They reside in Burlington, NC and have four daughters, four sons-in-law and five grandchildren.  They are doing  a mighty work in the Kingdom and have many accomplishments. 

Dr. Stone is also the founder and Executive Director of People That Care, and the founder and President of “Successful Mind Enterprises, Inc.” Dr. Stone serves as a District Superintendent and the First Administrative Assistant of NC 3rd Jurisdiction COGIC.

Dr. Stone has a graduate and Master’s Degree from the UNCG and an earned Doctoral Degree in Theology.  He is the author of Dating To Mate – The Biblical Way: A Guide To Christian Courtship Before Marriage and Who Told You That? Overcoming Fear and Failure.

First Lady Nadine V. Stone is the Founder and Executive Director of Math Foundations, Inc. Missionary Stone is licensed in the Church of God in Christ and serves on the Executive Board of the Women’s Department in the NC 3rd Jurisdiction COGIC.

Nadine has a BS from Bennett College and a Masters from Elon University. She is a retired educator with over 30 years of experience and a newly published author of Lord Help Me, I’m a Single Parent, written out of her own personal experience as a single parent. 

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