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Meet the Howards

Ernest and Yvonne Howard through Love, Laughter, and Listening have been married for 39 years. Resulting from this union, we are blessed to have a beautiful, blended family. A beautiful daughter, Shena and two sons, Jaison and Damion, along with their lovely spouses, Selina and Joni, and six lovely grandchildren.


We have served as Armor Bearers in our local church, Evangel Fellowship under the leadership of the late Bishop Otis Lockett Sr., and Supt. Otis Lockett, Jr., and First Lady Drea. Ernest is ordained as an Elder and Yvonne as Evangelist Missionary for our church. We serve as guides and instructors for the Men and Women Encounter, along with being coordinators of the Marriage Encounter, which was established in 2011. 


Our mission is that we share our life experiences with others and the value of LOVE THROUGH JESUS CHRIST. Thus, we do so at every opportunity. 

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